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Phoebe Green Task Force

"Then don't you tell me that you've forgotten a certain 'youthful indiscretion' atop Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tombstone?" -Phoebe Green, Fire

Who is Phoebe Green and why would a group of perfectly sane people wish to eradicate her? Well, as loyal fans of The X Files, and especially special protectors of Agent Fox Mulder, we have formed this task squad to destroy that so-called barracuda, Phoebe Green, inspector with New Scotland Yard. Who could forget the arrival of Ms Green in the episode Fire? We watched helplessly as she stomped over the tender feelings of our beloved Mulder, and incited jealousy in the heart of the fair Agent Dana Scully. Please walk through our pages. Peruse our Creative Works or read our member's threats.

(*Disclaimer: The Phoebe Green Task Force in no way wishes harm to the actress who plays Phoebe Green, Amanda Pays. Instead, we hold Chris Carter responsible for writing such an impossibly irritating love interest. And yes, we do realize Agent Mulder is a fictional character!*)